Having succeeded as an entrepreneur in various endeavors, I get asked a lot about where my ideas come from. My story isn’t any better or different than those who came before me but I do know that I have always followed my heart. If I come across something I believe in, I find out all that I can about it and dive in, head-first.

The Real Estate Industry
I often get asked where my background in the real estate industry comes from, as I wasn’t ever a broker or agent. My father was a general contractor while I was growing up. He was one of the hardest working people I knew. From the age of four, I would tag along with him to watch his work and I became fascinated with the individuals that he would be working for. These business people would ride up in their fancy cars and I would wonder what they did and who they were to become so successful. My father informed me that they were the real estate investors and that they owned the properties that he would be working on. This concept fascinated me, and I knew that one day I would find myself in their shoes, driving the nice cars and investing in different properties.

Extra Tiny Homes

The idea for my latest endeavor, Extra Tiny Homes came to my wife, Mia, and I when we we considering a major life change. In 2015, we had been looking to leave Hawaii and move to Florida. Hawaii passed a law in 2015 allowing for legal kitchens to be a part of ADUs (Accessory/Auxiliary Dwelling Units). Mia and I quickly realized that with these new zoning laws in place, we had a window of opportunity to do something big. We knew that ADUs were going to be a quick and easy way for people to build a home or an extra property to bring in money.

The concept of Extra Tiny Homes stemmed from a company we had the opportunity to
visit called Echo Steel. While visiting Santa Monica, CA, we had the chance to explore home that possessed unique and modern architecture. The look that Echo Steel provided for its customers was something truly amazing. They created complete campgrounds from shipping containers. These diverse means of lodging gave us an idea. What if we provided everything someone needed to build a “tiny home” or ADU to help them cut back on costs and time. Alas, Extra Tiny Homes was born. We are still a young company, only emerging in March of this year, but our success is largely credited to our marketing strategies. Unlike most companies, we wanted to throw parties to market ourselves and our idea. For the first months of the business we were throwing parties to show people what they could have right in their own backyard. The concept blew people away and we were in awe of the initial success. It’s been about 2 months since we last help a party, simply because we are too busy to plan it!