In the role of an entrepreneur, a great deal of responsibility falls upon your shoulders. Many have been up to the task but fail due to various reasons. Those who have truly thrived in starting their own company are people to take notes from. Successful entrepreneurs know that it takes time and hard work to build and empire. Those who we admire have dedicated hours of passionate work to get to where they are today. Here are some more entrepreneurs who have influenced the way that those who come after them will perform business.


Mark Zuckerberg

There is unlike a list of successful entrepreneurs out there that does not include the Facebook founder’s name. Zuckerberg has set the tone for the millennial entrepreneurs and it will be a long time before anyone else surpasses his success. While Facebook alone could keep he and his family afloat for decades to come, he didn’t want to stop there. Each day, Zuckerberg continues to influence aspects of our world in a positive light. Using his company’s abilities he has recently helped get telecommunications up and running in areas affected by the hurricanes. This is a quality that most of the entrepreneurs on my list must have, humanitarian efforts. Everyone’s interpretation of the Facebook mogul is different after The Social Network premiered but one thing is for certain, he has worked hard to get to where he is today.


Brian Chesky

As technology has taken a major forefront in the startup community, entrepreneurs are finding any way possible to break onto the scene. Brian Chesky was no exception. The AirBnB founder has completely transformed the travel and real estate industry. What started out as a simple air mattress and room for rent in his San Francisco apartment is now the leading vacation rental in the world. Creating a user-friendly app and website, Chesky and his team began dominating the industry. Since the creation of AirBnB, hotels, real estate, and hostels have all taken quite a beating. But Chesky, like many before him, simply want the travel experience to be one of enjoyment. Like Zuckerberg, Chesky is also dedicated to philanthropy by joining Bill Gates’ The Giving Pledge, promising to donate a major portion of his wealth to charity.