Throughout history, we have seen people lead their industry in ways that they and many never imagined possible. Those who were at the forefront of their respective niches paved the way for many who would come after them. You often hear the stories of the most influential entrepreneurs because their story is one of the rags-to-riches. Here are a few of the innovators and hard working individual who helped to shape the meaning of an influential entrepreneur.


Andrew Carnegie


Andrew Carnegie was not always the tycoon of the steel industry as he is known as today. He spent much of his childhood working in factories and labor-heavy positions. At a young age, he understood the meaning of hard work, which is what led him to desire a business of his own. His first success came with the opening of the Carnegie Steel Mill. After the Civil War, his mills helped to build up the infrastructure of the United States as we know it to be today. While also being credited for the major success of the steel industry, Carnegie left a legacy in regards to his philanthropic nature. He donated 90% of his wealth to charitable organizations. He had a particular interest in libraries and educational institutions. His generosity reminds us all that success isn’t always a journey that needs to be taken alone.


Henry Ford


The man behind our main mode of transportation did not always lead the life of an influencer. Born into a family of farmers who originated from England and Ireland, Ford spent much time learning about the importance of manual labor. His family was not the most well off but were not poverty stricken by any means. Ford’s father once gave him a timepiece, which he eventually took apart just to see if he could piece it together again. After that, he knew that he had found a passion for assembly, which he took along with him as he broke into his professional endeavors. After working in various industries for many years and having a business fail, Ford started his own company, wanting do things his own way. The Ford Company is now worth around $200 Billion.