Outsourcing work is a decision that many companies will face at a certain point. For businesses faced with this decision, it’s about trying to figure out how to maximize the work day. For that reason, many companies are considering hiring a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is primarily a self-employed worker who handles different administrative jobs based on a specific project. Virtual assistants usually work for multiple people. With their flexibility, a virtual assistant may be more attractive to owners instead of hiring an administrative assistant.


Primary Tasks

Virtual assistants can take care of many issues; bookkeeping, research, presentations, and scheduling, among others. Companies should figure out what they need outsourced and go from there. Make sure that you hire a virtual assistant in the specific area that you are looking for.



Hiring a virtual assistant can be expensive, but they are in high demand because of the quality of their work. Regardless of what you are paying a virtual assistant, you are still likely saving money when you consider how much it would cost to hire a full time employee and provide them with benefits.

The majority of virtual assistants are paid by the hour. They will likely give you an idea of their rate and then you can decide how much work you’d like them to do. Tracking hours is an option that many companies prefer, so that they can have a clear idea if hiring a virtual assistant is actually worth the money.


Things To Consider

Do not hire a virtual assistant until you are completely ready. The last thing you want is for them to not help out as much as you originally anticipated. Make sure that you are direct with the virtual assistant on what you need their help for. A virtual assistant is an important hire and should be treated as such. Do not rush the process. You’ll risk making a mistake and hiring the wrong candidate. If there is a way that you can handle everything in house, perhaps you should stick to that. Instead of hiring a virtual assistant, maybe you just need to enhance your training program or your systems.


The only reason that companies are even considering hiring a virtual assistant is because the company has grown too large and needs more help. That is actually a great achievement. However, it is important that you find someone whose skills will blend in with the company vision.