Mirko Manfredi

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Mirko Manfredi grew up in Kailua, Oahu and spent most of his life in Hawaii. In 1997, Mirko and his wife Mia moved to California, which was ultimately what sparked their interest in the minimalism movement. While living in California, Mirko had the opportunity to see some Lloyd Wright’s homes first hand. Mirko found Wright’s homes quite inspiring, which later influenced his own home design in Hawaii.

Today, Mirko Manfredi and his wife Mia are the proud founders of Extra Tiny Homes of Hawaii. Their commitment to influencing their community inspired them to pursue this endeavor, to show people how they can build their own smaller home faster, cheaper and more simpler. Ultimately, Mirko hoped to create affordable housing and to show people how less is more. For Mirko, tiny homes are a great rental property for clients or a smaller, more efficient option for themselves. Extra Tiny Homes help you save money, reduce expenses and make for a less constricted life.

As both a real estate professional and entrepreneur, Mirko Manfredi has always been firm believer in asking questions with every situation. As an entrepreneur, Mirko has found great value in mentors, those who were accomplishing what he had hoped to do. Ultimately, for those looking to embark on any professional endeavor, Mirko Manfredi suggests finding an expert in your desired field and asking them an abundance of questions to gain insight. Research and curiosity are crucial to getting what you want in life, and Mirko Manfredi is a prime example of that.

Mirko Manfredi continues to transform communities in Hawaii as both the founder of Extra Tiny Homes and a real estate agent. Mirko and his wife Mia hope to inspire the people of Hawaii with their innovative and unique approach to generating a passive income.


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Extra Tiny Homes provides residents of Hawaii with pre-built tiny homes that are both efficient and desirable.

Mayor Caldwell, of Hawaii, passed the “ADU” bill back in 2015, which allows the average home owner to build a separate tiny home on their property that they can legally rent out for income. With Extra Tiny Homes, these types of properties are more easily accessible to the people of Hawaii.

Extra Tiny Homes take only 6 weeks of construction, compared to the average six months or more. By opting for a tiny home, clients eliminate having to spend $200,000 or more on building a traditional home, as these homes only costs $69,000.